Four grown men who once, as young boys, had played baseball together on a red brick street in a small town called Johnston Hollow, are now in four different major cities across the United States. They never see or speak to each other and they rarely even think of those days back in Johnston Hollow. But suddenly and inexplicably, on this particular night, they are all hit with a horrifying nightmare which reignites a memory from their childhood that had terrified them at the time. It still does.  Cast of 4 in their 20’s.

RONNY CREWS: AGE: 33: JOHNNY’S twin-brother. The twins were born in a small town called Johnston Hollow. He has not seen nor heard from his brother or his childhood buddies in years. He is now Atlanta. JOHNNY CREWS: AGE: 33: RONNY’S twin-brother. Like the others, he doesn’t think about the days back in Johnston Hollow. He is now in Seattle. JIMMY MCINTYRE: AGE: 35: Another kid from the old neighborhood. He too once played Three Bucks on a brick street called Wayland Avenue. He is now in Boston. DONNY MAY: AGE: 34: Another guy who grew up in Johnston Hollow. He too never thinks about his early days back in the old neighborhood. He is now in San Francisco.
Donald Loftus