When a South African nursing student is falsely accused of stealing medicine from an American clinic, she is detained in a Maximum Women’s Detention Center where events leading up to the confiscation of her VISA unravel as three young Southern African girls haunt her prison cell. Exploring health issues facing women in the United States and the border between the Republic of Botswana and South Africa, WATCHWOMEN gives voice to the alarming vulnerability of young women to HIV/AIDS.

*Multiple roles for 3 men and 6 women/Diverse Casting CHARACTERS ANODIWA DIKO South African Nursing student, studying in America BIG BERTHA American Correction Officer CHILD BRIDES Funani, Ifu, Icici, Botswanian Teenagers JUDGE TALISON Immigration Judge MS. HOPKINS U. S. Attorney NATASHA American Escort NURSE American nurse/African nurse VICKY HILL American television journalist TENDI South African Truck Driver JACOB South African Truck Driver
Carolyn Nur Wistrand