Violet Sharp

Based on the true story of the 1932 Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, Violet Sharp is named for the young British maid working at the home of Anne Lindbergh’s mother. In the wake of the historic kidnapping of beloved aviator Charles Lindbergh’s 20-month-old son, Violet raises the suspicion of the police with a contradictory testimony about her whereabouts to police investigator Officer Walsh. Under pressure from her own personal demons as well as the police, Violet’s efforts to clear her name cannot seem to overpower a growing reputation of guilt.


VIOLET SHARP may use double casting. The playwright suggests the following but other combinations are certainly possible and are left to the discretion of the director: 

Actress 1: Violet Sharp

Actress 2: Betty Gow

Actress 3: Adela

Actress 4: Anne Lindbergh, Edna Sharp, Laura Hughes, Nurse

Actor 1: Harry Walsh

Actor 2: Charles Lindbergh

Actor 3: Norman Schwarzkopf, Septimus Banks

Actor 4: John McGrath, Miller

Cast: (6m, 7f) -- VIOLET SHARP, 27 - British servant to Mrs. Dwight Morrow / BETTY GOW, 20’s - Nursemaid to Charles Lindbergh Jr. / ADELA - Elegantly dressed reporter of the ‘sob sister’ school of journalism / CHARLES LINDBERGH, 30 - Famed Aviator and Father of the Child / ANNE LINDBERGH, 26 - Author, Navigator, Pilot and Mother of the Child / COLONEL NORMAN SCHWARZKOPF, SR., 40’s - Commander, New Jersey State Police / CAPTAIN HARRY WALSH, 40’s - Jersey City Policeman / SEPTIMUS BANKS, 40’s - Head butler for Mrs. Dwight Morrow / EDNA SHARP, 20’s - Violet’s younger sister / LAURA HUGHES, 30’s - Secretary to Mrs. Dwight Morrow / SGT. JOHN MCGRATH - New Jersey State Policeman / MILLER, 24 - A young suitor / A NURSE
William Cameron