The Trials of Adam and Eve

A "star" architect, Adam, is accused by women in his office of sexual harassment, allegations which explode in the media.  He and his wife, Eve, who is the firm's business manager, are fired from the firm they founded.  The play explores the impact of the catastrophe on the couple's marriage after the tidal wave of public opinion subsides.

The Play can be cast with 5 -6 Actors (3 male, 3 female) Adam - a brilliant, "star" architect Eve - his wife and business manager Mack Velli - a business man friend of Adam's and Eve's who fires them Kate Gleason - CEO of an engineering firm that hire's Eve King Bensaid - (also Mack Velli and Massimo) one time Middle East client of Adam's Massimo - (also King Bensaid and Massimo) owner of an Italian vineyard and winery Two young women - the accusers and various other roles Female Lawyer - (also Kate Hudson)
Vian Andrews