The Trial of David Bradford

David Bradford is brought to trial for treason for his role as a rebel leader of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. His lawyer, Daniel Redick, must fight the considerable powers of the United States government to save his client from the gallows. Commissioned by the Whiskey Rebellion Festival in Washington, Pennsylvania, The Trial of David Bradford will receive its world premiere in July 2021.

(8 men, 1 boy) David Bradford, mid-30’s, The defendant / Daniel Redick, 50’s, Bradford’s attorney/ William Raleigh, 50’s, Federal Prosecutor/ Judge Richard Peters, 60’s, Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Pennsylvania/ General John Neville, 50’s, Witness for the Prosecution/ John Mitchell, 40’s, Witness for the Prosecution/ Johnny Mitchell, 11, John Mitchell’s son/ Hugh Henry Brackenridge, 40’s, Witness for the Prosecution/ Bailiff
William Cameron