CHARLIE, the cranky, old night watchman at The Broadway Theatre, has fallen asleep at his post near the stage door. Suddenly, there is a pounding on the exterior of the stage door which startles CHARLIE. The unanticipated visitor is JIMMY, a chorus boy who recently lost his job. JIMMY was in the revival of “West Side Story”, which recently and abruptly closed at The Broadway Theatre due to the coronavirus pandemic. JIMMY explains that he has now been evicted from his apartment as is in a desperate situation. HE turns to CHARLIE for help. We quickly learn that CHARLIE has his own problems, but in the end,  we see cranky, old CHARLIE has a heart of gold and a magical friendship is formed as he comes to JIMMY’S rescue. 

CHARLIE Age 50-70’s A night watchman at The Broadway Theatre, NYC, NY. JIMMY Age 20’S A chorus boy in the revival of “West Side Story”.
Donald Loftus