The Tinsel in the Toilet

A young Jewish housewife breezes through the cultural upheaval of the 1970s and luxuriates in the materialistic 1980s fueled by her outrageous behavior and a personality disorder that is not cured by the popular self-help books she reads. Trapped in a marriage to a Jewish man she does not love or even like, she repeatedly finds herself tempted by an endless parade of WASPs and Catholics from up and down the social strata in the wilds of the suburbs. Along for the ride are her three children who bounce with her from marriage to marriage as they experience a most atypical upbringing. As the world and decades change she shatters all stereotypes of a devoted Jewish mother and her children as well. But she also gives them the most taboo Hanukkah gift imaginable: Christmas.

5W/ 5M
Book and Lyrics by Brian Vinero, Music by Steven Kennedy