Full-length satire for puppets

Reggie has donned his best swim trunks, slathered his nose with sunscreen, and is ready to throw back a piña colada. After seven years of taking orders from the Macho Honcho, he’s ready for a well-deserved vacation. Just as he’s about to jet-set off to paradise, Reggie learns that he has been called to be the Regent of the realm. But before he can claim the title, he has to finish preparing the land for settlement. He’ll have to write a textbook detailing his colony’s founding, build a platform to house the settlement’s capitol building, and invite the world’s best and brightest to join him in forming a new society. If that weren’t hard enough, he has to placate a ragtag collection of animal scavengers who will stop at nothing to hold Reggie to his word.

A minimum of seven puppeteers are required to stage this play. All puppeteers must be people of the Global Majority. At least two puppeteers must be Indigenous. Casting should represent a diverse range of ages, genders and body types.
Jamie Olah