Teekay 'n' Jeepy

"Teekay 'n' Jeepy" is a ten-minute play that, through a dozen "call-and-response" micro-scenelets, follows a street musician and her/his sidekick from getting going in the morning to settling down for the night.  The structure of the scenelets is: Teekay "calls", simply commenting on circumstances etc., and Jeepy "responds", singing while playing her/his guitar (and not necessarily doing either particularly well).  Jeepy improvises the melodic accompaniment of the song snatches she/he sings, evoking a range of familiar song styles, to fit with the lyrics she/he intones.  In its way, this playlet is a micro-musical.  Also, this script is open-endedly adaptable, usable for evoking the widest possible range of street musician personages -- from the highly-skilled busker to the delusional derelict.

2 M/F
Will Owen