A "SNOOP SPOOF' - NICK DeFALCO, PRIVATE EYE - "The Goddess In Green Satin"

"Snoop Spoofs” are 10 - 15:00 minute comedic plays which may be produced separately or combined into an hour + evening of hilarity. The plays are written for two men and two women with doubling.

"Snoops" spoofed are: Stephanie Peach: “The Jersi Hotties”, Joe Friday – Dragnet: “The Beaver Cleaver Hanratty Truancy”, Hercule Poiriot: “Lunch With The Spider Woman”, Nick DeFalco, P.I.: “The Goddess In Green Satin”, Inspector Clouseau: “Relax and Wax”., Charlie's Angels: "Eldercare Bikini Wax Job", Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney: "Community Policing Belly Dance". The sketches may be woven together with black-out parodies of the Rockford Files telephone answering machine messages.

SYNOPSIS:  NICK DeFALCO, Private Eye, is selected by DEMETER, a Goddess in a shimmering, emerald green satin dress, to find her daughter PERSEPHONEwho has been missing for 2,500 years after being abducted by HADES, the Dark Lord. Despite the fact that there are no photos of Persephone and as Nick says, “Where in the hell is Hades?”, he takes the case.

With his uncanny sense (luck?) about where to look for suspects, Nick goes to the local “Psychic Fair” to ask for advice. There he meets the Dark Lord, and discovers Persephone hasn’t visited her mom because she now has her MBA and has been busy setting up the Hades Take-Out Division which delivers “... nervousness, fear, free-floating anxiety, regret, greed and the little stuff that wakes you up at night.” In the end, Demeter plumps Nick’s checkbook nicely.

DOUBLE: May double Delivery teen / Persephone. M NICK DeFalco – Private eye with trenchcoat and hat. F DEMETER – gorgeous woman in a green satin dress. F Delivery Teen – cute, perky 16-year old delivery girl. F PERSEPHONE – sharp, 20-something businesswoman. M DARK LORD – 30-something, good-looking God of Hades. M/F Palm reader – an old crone. M/F Announcer (O.S.)
Jean W. Yeager