Snip, Snap, Snute

This musical for all ages is set in rural Norway a long time ago, “Snip, Snap, Snute” tells the story of Annemarie, the Farmer’s daughter, who was raised by trolls, and a troll girl who was raised by the Farmer. Now young teens, both girls long for a place they can fit in. When the trolls capture the Farmer as he’s trying to herd his billy goats across the bridge, the girls meet by chance, and resolve to work together to save him. Facing such desperate circumstances, the two young heroines learn to believe in themselves and succeed in the impossible. Because of them, perseverance and tolerance are rewarded, and everyone finds their “heart.”  


This show has an exapndable cast with an abundance of character roles for youth and adults. Diversity is encouraged.
Janet Preus, with Deiter Frank and Margi Preus