The past and future collide within the fracturing walls of Flint's Bar-B-Que. Joe Flint and his brother Jake find themselves running on fumes to keep the restaurant afloat, but find new energy and life when they meet the young and ambitious Michaela. A bright, smart, hip and business savvy woman, Michaela has many ideas to help save the restaurant from the onslaught of gentrified businesses taking out family owned establishments like Flint’s. However, Michaela has her work cut out for her as she tries to convince Joe to let go of the old guard and usher in new ideas. Just when they seem to meet on common ground, a new proprietor, Patillo, from Mississippi comes to Austin to buy out the last of the local African American businesses to make way for his fancy new housing and business developments. Faced with the reality they are growing old and the next generation may pass them by for the fresh and new, Joe and Jake with the help of friends, new and old, discover how they can hold on to their past and family legacy, while lifting up the future. 

7m, 1f
Thomas Brazzle