Slice of Life: The Boy in the White Sheet

After the death of his best friend, ten-year-old Aidan Harris tries to cope with the grief but struggles with making sense of the situation, turning to the adults in his life for help only to find that they themselves are still holding onto past mistakes and regrets regarding the loss of their loved ones.

Aidan Harris- 10 years old, best friend of Tyler Young Nathan Harris- 40 years old, father to Aidan Jillian Harris- 37 years old, mother to Aidan Keith Young- 41 years old, father to Tyler Tammy Young- 38 years old, mother to Tyler Tyler Young- 10 years old, best friend of Aidan Harris Margaret Goodman- 31 years old, teacher to Aidan and Tyler The Lingering Man- He has no age, only seen by those who have experienced death Therapist- 30-40 years old Various Mourners- 28-45 year olds Various Children- 8-11 year olds
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