Slice of Life: The Boy in the White Sheet

After the death of his best friend, ten-year-old Aidan Harris tries to cope with the grief but struggles with making sense of the situation.

Aidan Harris- 10 years old, best friend of Tyler Young Nathan Harris- 40 years old, father to Aidan Jillian Harris- 37 years old, mother to Aidan Keith Young- 41 years old, father to Tyler Tammy Young- 38 years old, mother to Tyler Tyler Young- 10 years old, best friend of Aidan Harris Margaret Goodman- 31 years old, teacher to Aidan and Tyler The Lingering Man- He has no age, only seen by those who have experienced death Therapist- 30-40 years old Various Mourners- 28-45 year olds Various Children- 8-11 year olds
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