ASH, the older, “loser” sister, is in serious trouble… again. Seeking help, she arrives in the middle of the night on the suburban doorstep of her much more successful, younger sister, VAL. Throughout most of the play the audience believes that the “loser” sister is an unscrupulous user, with the moral fiber of an alley rat. In the end, the audience discovers it is in fact the “good” sister who has the darker soul.

ASH: Age:40’s VAL’s unkempt, older sister who looks older than her years. SHE also looks like SHE needs a shower. SHE wears a rock n’ roll T-shirt and worn jeans. VAL: Age:30’s ASH’s significantly more successful younger sister. Although SHE is currently unemployed, SHE has had enough success in HER career to afford HER posh suburban home. SHE wears silk pajamas and a monogrammed robe.
Donald Loftus