Saint Mathias II

From the play


It is true that small town living allows us, since we live where we were born, to be continually surrounded by life long friends and a social support system that is just unavailable in big cities where, although there are more people, no one knows each other.


On the other hand everyone knows, everyone is constantly watching and incessantly discussing what everyone else is doing. 


Each of us go through life seeing the same things and seeing them differently.  If my way of seeing things gives me comfort, why would it be anyone else’s business to correct me?

John – The grandson Gert – the Grandmother Young Gert The representative of the arch dioceses Meg – Ronald’s Wife Young Meg Ronald – Gert’s son LeRoy – Gert’s son August – Gert’s Father Allison – girlfriend of Ronald Susan – wife of Martin Martin – brother to Gert Jimmy – farm hand Stella – cook for thrashing crew Priest Woman working at Newman Hall Jose – Mexican town person Jose’s wife Auctioneer
Melvin Aanerud