Quest for the Pot of Gold

Quest for the Pot of Gold follows six Minneapolis gay men, all with their own life struggles, through the month of September 2008.  Such struggles include depression, drug abuse, racism, abuse, and politics.  Unbeknownst to them is that they will eventually become victims of a mass shooting and explosion in their favorite gay night club Emeralds.  Some survive; some don’t.  The survivors are forced to re-evaluate their lives.  

DANNY Age late 20's – early 30's, Leonard's friend, butch, meth addict, muscular, vulnerable LEONARD Age late 20's - early 30's, Danny's friend, African American, effeminate, eccentric, campy, very skinny EDWARD Age mid 30's, Emeralds manager, suffers from PTSD, workaholic, well-respected by customers TOM Age early 40's, Mark's partner, Madeline's father, judgmental, homely in appearance, Log Cabin Republican MARK Age early 40's, Tom's partner, Madeline's father, vulnerable, homely in appearance, meth addict WALTER Age 70's, Edward's bar friend, lonely, misunderstood, kind, mysterious GO-GO DANCER Age early 20's, Emeralds go-go dancer, Walter's favorite, swimmer's build, slightly muscular EDWARD'S EX-BOYFRIEND Age late 20's, voice only heard from background DOROTHY Leonard's dog, adult male Black Lab
David Anderson