In a small town, in an archival library, there’s a vault. Inside the vault, there’s a box. Stella, Lydia’s dying grandmother, has convinced her that inside the box is a buried family secret that could alter their lives. But the founder of the library funded it under the stipulation that the box never be opened. Lydia and Stella need vindication. Stan, the library’s archivist, needs to protect the library and the founder’s integrity at all costs. Lydia isn’t going away. And Stan isn’t backing down. Preservation is a dark, comedic thriller that explores what happens when protecting the dead comes at the cost of the living.

Lydia. Female, late 30s. Hair up in a bun until scene five. She means well. Stan. Male, late 30s. Balding. Protective. He wants to be kind. There’s something charmingly old-fashioned about him. Stella. Female, 80. Loose ragged hair. She’s lived a rough life and hasn’t aged gracefully but maintains a stern sophistication to her. Sometimes coherent, sometimes lost.