10-20:00 COMEDY

SYNOPSIS: A very creative but dictatorial Ad Agency President has assigned his team of writers to create a series of national television commercials for the agency’s largest and most prestigious client. The future of the Agency is riding on these commercials.. Unbeknownst to the “boss”, all did not go smoothly. They got stuck. So they took themselves on a “retreat” to a resort Near Mexico called “Rancho Notorious” where they have spent a week and are now returning with the fruits of their labor.

BOB – 70-something advertising agency president. Stylish, “leading man” type. EARL – 40-something executive. Wears brown suit, tie and brown shoes. PAT – 40-something Irish writer. Real wise ass. A writer. Wears a sombrero, squeeky sea serpent inflatable pool toy. MOLLY – 20-something female writer. Very sharp. From a big agency in Chicago. Wears a sundress and a big hat. BUNNY – 30-something female writer. Businesswoman, executive on rise. She wears a swimsuit, carries a beach ball, and has zinc oxide on her nose.
Jean W. Yeager