She...who appears to be a discontented housewife from Queens, sits alone in a coffee shop...waiting. He...who appears to be a Long Island intimate apparel salesman arrives with his salesman case and sits at a table near hers. He flirts. She flirts back. They discuss her boring husband, and he convinces her he could make it all better. They agree it may be more comfortable upstairs in his room at the hotel which houses this coffee shop. Suddenly his cell phone rings. It’s his mom, the grandmother of their children. They need to come home because the kids are just too unruly for grandma to control. Disappointed, they decide they will try todo their “fantasy night” again on next year’s Valentine’s Day.

RUTH: Age: late 30’s: A discontented housewife. HENRY: Age late 30’s: An intimate apparel salesman. WAITRESS: Age mid 50’s: A tough, no-nonsense waitress.
Donald Loftus