PER- A Full-Length Play

A psychological drama based on a true story.  Sweden 1889. A young man named Per Nilsson (pronounced PEAR) collaborated with his domineering mother in the gruesome murder of his young wife. Per was declared insane and institutionalized at The Konradsberg Lunatic Asylum in Stockholm, Sweden; his mother was found guilty of the murder and beheaded. Now he must fight the ghosts who torment him each night in his asylum cell, as he attempts by day to convince his captors, the psychiatrist and his staff, that he is sane and should be released. After months of therapy, the psychiatrist is convinced of Per’s sanity. The night before Per is to be released, the ghosts visit him one last time, and we learn that not everything he has revealed in his psychiatric sessions was true. The real villain is not whom we thought. With the final blackout, we are not certain whether or not Per will be released. 








The 90-minute play is told in eight scenes and can be performed with a cast of five actors.