"Peleus" is a short, monologue poemplay that -- drawn from a passage in Ovid's "Metaphorphoses" -- re-imagines Peleus' side of his conversation with Zeus (his grandfather), as Zeus pressures Peleus get after Thetis and make her pregnant.  Zeus had been intent on adding Thetis to his long list of consorts, willing and coerced (including Peleus' mother).  But Thetis' father, Proteus, the ever-changing god of the sea, foretells that Thetis will have a son who will surpass his father in fame and deeds -- and this prophesy so spooks Zeus that he leans on his grandson, Peleus, to take his place in Thetis' arms.  And Peleus is conflicted about what to do.  "Peleus" was one of five short plays inspired by Ovid that ran from July 10 - 15, 2018 at London's Waterloo East Theatre (Brad Street SE1) in Off The Cliff Theatre's "Metamorphoses 2," directed by Kasia Rozycki.

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Will Owen