When a free-spirited, fashion maven who grew up on the streets of New York buys a co-op in a staid Upper Eastside building, five longtime residents discover that they have much more in common than just the walls that separate them. Doors, walls, rooms, boxes, spaces open and close and open again in this cosmic, quirky drama.

NICHOLAS. 30’s. Caucasian. Sensitive. Struggling to find a way to come out of his grief. BERENICE. 70’s. Elegant, chic, worldly Jewish older woman with a mash of an accent that is part Jewish, part upper-crust New York. She is direct, confrontational and imperious. She knows better than anyone. Funny without realizing it. STARLA. 30’s. African-American. A free-spirited, voluptuous, plus size woman who is very comfortable with her body. She has grown up on the streets of New York and has managed through sheer will to become a very successful fashion maven. Funny and vulnerable. A big generous spirit. ALFRED. 70’s. A rascal. Been there done that. Quick-witted. Salt of the earth. BODHI. 20’s. Indian or Middle Eastern. Gay, with a secret desire to be a dance club DJ. A little overly dramatic and self-centered but also very empathetic.
Shanti Reinhardt