This One Time In Last Chance

Nothing ever happens in the small town of Last Chance,Colorado. Well, except for this one time when two guileless wanna-be drug dealers find a dead man in their motel room that throws their impending deal into hilarious mayhem. This One Time In Last Chance had it's world premiere at the 2011 NY International Fringe Festival. It was produced by The Attic Theatre Company. 

Man - Early 30s; any ethnicity. A guy who never really has anything go his way and blames it on everything but himself. He's loyal but not confident. Dude - Early 30s; any ethnicity. An overtly positive drug dealer. He doesn't let things get to him because he doesn't ever really think about the outcome; a moment-to-moment type of guy. Chester - 30s-40s; any ethnicity. He is a lonely man who only has one thing that's keeping him from complete despair. His dog. Who is missing. Dead Guy - He's a sensitive soul who would do anything for his son. He is also dead.
Sam Gooley