The Negro of Peter the Great

Based on an unfinished novella by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, inspired by the experiences of his maternal great-grandfather, Ibrahim Petrovich Hannibal in the court of Peter the Great.  A story of a kidnapped African prince and the 18th century Russian Czar. A tale of honor, betrayal and a quest for home.

Ibrahim Petrovich Hannibal, Korsakov, The French Officer, The Second, Countess Leonora, Marquis Merville, Count L., Madame Dubois, The Czar Peter the Great, Liza, Natalya Gavrilovna Rzhevsky, Prince Alexander Menshikov, Gavril Afanasyevitch Rzhevsky, Tatyana Afansyevna Rzhevsky, Gustav Adamych, The Servant Ivan, Valeryan, A Servant Maid
Carlyle Brown