Medusa, Underwater

Drawn from Ovid's Metamorphoses and Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next MilleniumMedusa, Underwater reimagines the Medusa-Perseus myth as a romance in a surrealistic universe in which Medusa is locked by her Sister in a room split by a one-way mirror for being a monster, while Perseus is a "therapist" who has come to "fix her." While primarily an exploration of the myth of female monstrosity, it is also a poignant, at times quirky, and deeply poetic piece in the style of Sarah Ruhl and Sarah Kane that explores Latinx identity and the roots and consequences of abusive love. Bathtubs like fish tanks, Spanish rock-related tongue twisters, and raspberry ice cream included.

MEDUSA—Clara Tristán | PERSEUS—Steve Ali | SISTER—Leydi Leiva