Mark the Halls: A Made-for-TV Christmas Movie Musical!

Somewhere, far from the cold and cruel big city, there is a charming village called Holly Garland Corners. There, impossibly beautiful women operate factories specializing in artisanal Christmas goods. Well, at least when they are not too busy attending local Christmas pageants, decking the halls and meandering through the festive, yet quaint and quiet streets while nursing a warm drink and smiling at every friend and neighbor passing by. Yet, it seems that this will be a lonely Christmas for one well-dressed heroine. At least until an eligible bachelor executive sweeps in three days before the holiday with the intention of closing down her beloved family business and ruining Christmas forever! Can she find a way to stop him, even as they fall in love during a whirlwind of snowman construction, cookie decorating and a tree lighting occurring on every other block? Meanwhile, a local baker finds herself entangled with her long-lost high school boyfriend who is now a famous country singer. And throw in a mysterious old man with a white beard who seems to have an affinity for reindeer, a man in town who may be a prince, a deployed soldier who must return home in time for a holiday reunion and...oh, you know how it goes. Somehow, all of it will end with a kiss and an engagement on Christmas Eve, under the moonlight, just as the snow begins to fall on a village that seems to be made of gingerbread.


This new musical spoofs the sweet and sentimental Made-for-TV Christmas movies that are a “hallmark” of the holiday season. With no commercials and a good dose of Broadway song and dance. And tinsel. A lot of tinsel.


6 M 6 F Cast can be expanded with a larger ensemble.
Book and Lyrics by Brian Vinero, Music by Steven Kennedy