Lucía Fuentes

Spiritual guru, Hernán Espinoza, walks Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage path to honor the lives of 43 boys disappeared in his home country of Mexico and to seek forgiveness for a past offense. Coincidentally, the Abbess that guides all Shikoku pilgrims has a vital interest in Hernán’s journey, yet senses she must test his true intentions. While taking a shortcut to save time, Hernán has a breakdown. Not knowing whether he is alive or dead, a man or a woman, a saint or a sinner, in Japan or not, he continues to the end, which, on the circular Shikoku path, is also the beginning.

Lucía Fuentes is both triggered and inspired by the global #MeToo movement and by the disappearance of 43 boys in Mexico.

Lucía Fuentes is a semi-finalist for the 2021 Woodward International Playwriting Prize.

Hernán: A mid-life Mexican pilgrim (m/50). Red Henro: An enigmatic Japanese pilgrim (f/25). Gold Monk: The guardian of Temple 1 (m/100). Abbess: The spiritual leader of Temple 1 (f/75). María: An extreme athlete from Spain (f/25). Jesús: An extreme athlete from Spain (m/25). Silver Henro: A fast-paced silent pilgrim (m/50). Ensemble: Walking, meditating or chanting pilgrims/monks/nuns and hyper-masculine Flamenco dancers.
J. Lynn Jackson