Lucía Fuentes

Spiritual guru, Hernán Espinoza, walks Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage path to honor the lives of 43 students who disappeared in his home country of Mexico. Coincidentally, the Abbess that guides all Shikoku pilgrims has a vital interest in Hernán’s journey, yet senses she must test his true intentions. While taking a shortcut to save time, Hernán has a breakdown. Not knowing whether he is alive or dead, a man or a woman, a saint or a sinner, in Japan or not, he continues to the end, which, on the circular Shikoku path, is also the beginning.

Lucía Fuentes is both triggered and inspired by the global #MeToo movement and by the disappearance of 43 college students in Mexico.

Lucía Fuentes is a semi-finalist for the 2021 Woodward International Playwriting Prize.

Hernán: A mid-life Mexican pilgrim (m/50). Red Henro: An enigmatic Japanese pilgrim (f/25). Gold Monk: The guardian of Temple 1 (m/100). Abbess: The spiritual leader of Temple 1 (f/75). María: An extreme athlete from Spain (f/25). Jesús: An extreme athlete from Spain (m/25). Silver Henro: A fast-paced silent pilgrim (m/50). Chorus: Walking, meditating or chanting pilgrims/monks/nuns; very masculine Flamenco dancers.
J. Lynn Jackson