Kung Fu Zombies vs Cannibals

A young Lao American woman, Sika, determined to return her parent’s ashes to their homeland meets a ragtag team of reformed Buddhist monks, a young girl, and a woman with a sharp knife and a death-on-contact kick. Their journey, framed by the Five Buddhist tenets, is told through an amalgamation of tough decisions, severed heads, human steaks, a chorus of cannibals, and folktales.

The play examines morality and brings to light, the United State's CIA secret carpet-bombing campaign on Laos during the Vietnam War, making Laos the most bomb country per capita in history.  

Kung Fu Zombies vs Cannibals was commissioned and produced by Theater Mu with a world premiere in 2013. The play received critical acclaim and was named "Best Production of 2013" by L'Etoile Magazine. It became Mu's highest-grossing world premiere with a record number of ticket sales to youth (teens-25 y.o.)! 

-- 4 women -- 1 girl -- 3 men -- a horde of zombies and cannibals Please cast Southeast Asian actors when possible - it is always possible. Please email me for the script.
Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay