Iphigenia at Aulis

On the eve of The Trojan War the Greek leader Agamemnon is at the port of Aulis and finds himself at odds with the goddess Artemis. She is holding back the wind that will allow his army to sail to Troy, and demands the sacrifice of his beloved daughter Iphigenia to release it. As tensions mount Agamemnon finds himself not only confronted by an impatient army, but also with with his wife Clytemnestra and brother Menelaus as he considers his duties to his county and family.

As his actions lead to sacrifice and sacrifices, he sets his family on a bloody, violent path that will carry on through generations. This English adaptation of Euripides' classic play is in rhymed verse to create an approximation of the rhythms and poetry of the original Greek text.

6 F, 4 M (can be expanded)
Brian Vinero, adapted from Euripides