The economy sucks, the job market is hell, and four women arrive to the lobby of Hapdo Technologies Incorporated to vie for the coveted position of Senior Accountant: Wilma Bluckle, a brainy introvert with an extraordinary memory; Janet Janet, the model of positivity; Beverly Weathers, an experienced ex-executive with ambition in spades; Poppy Szank, who may or may not have just slept in the wheel well of 747. A voice on the intercom reveals that the interview will begin in ten minutes, but as the women get to know each other, test each other, taunt each other, they begin to fear that the interview may never come. Each becomes more desperate, more impassioned, more competitive, until an unexpected emergency forces them to band together to save themselves from total disaster! Four women enter--only one may leave with a 401K. Interviewese is an absurdist comedy about corporate ambition, ethics and morality, and the lengths that any sane person would go to for the perfect job.

Ian August