The Imaginary Invalid, adapted from Moliere

The obscenely crude Argan is a hopeless hypochondriac who has seen his considerable wealth drained by an endless parade of charlatan doctors and their endless supplies of “miracle” cures. As his wicked second wife waits impatiently for him to die, he hatches a plot to marry off his eldest daughter to an obnoxious young doctor to assure he will always have free medical care available.

As doors slam, and disguises and deceit thicken the plot, it seems only Argan's clever maid Toinette and his wise brother Beralde may save the day. This English adaptation of Moliere's classic is in rhymed verse and includes several fully-scored musical interludes.

8 M 4 F
Brian Vinero, adapted from Moliere. Music by Shirley Mier.