Hanukkah Harriet


a play for young people (to see and/or do)

It’s December. Shayna, the only Jewish kid in her class, would give anything to not have to celebrate Hanukkah and instead celebrate her favorite thing in the world: Christmas! But this all changes when she is visited by the spirit of a bubby from the Old Country, who takes her on a journey through Jewish history, large and small, and teaches her the value of tradition and of miracles, large and small.

This play can be done with a large cast or a small cast. LARGE CAST: If you opt for a large cast, feel free to flood the stage with soldiers, elves, etc. Also, feel free to change the gender of some roles to make the play fit your community’s casting needs. The following roles may be played by any gender: Kaylen, Elliot, Ryan, Lee, Ty, Miss Christiansen, Miss Karen, Judah Maccabee, Soldiers, Doctor Smith, Santa Claus, and George’s parents. (NOTE: Should you change the gender of George’s parents, make sure that they remain a same-gender couple [i.e. two men or two women].) SMALL CAST: Here are some ideas for doubling: ACTOR 1 – Shayna ACTOR 2 – Harriet, Bubby ACTOR 3 – Mom, George’s Mommy, Mamaleh ACTOR 4 – Dad, Ballet Teacher, Santa Claus, Tataleh, other student at school ACTOR 5 – George, Scott, Judah Maccabee, Shlomo ACTOR 6 – George’s Mom, Miss Christiansen ACTOR 7 – Jordan, Young Harriet, Dr. Smith
Aaron Ricciardi