Hank & Jesus

Just out of a half-way house, estranged from his family and broke, Hank spends most of his time with his guitar, writing country songs, which is the only thing he really wants to do. It will take a miracle will keep him sober and get him a job, much less get him to go home for Christmas. He can’t even finish a song, and then a guy shows up at his door, needing a place to stay. He says his name is Jesus.

Note: "Jesus" with Spanish pronunciation

HANK: 30’s but looks like he could be older. Recently sober, a songwriter JESUS: (Spanish pronunciation) an old acquaintance. Hispanic appearance. BUSTER: owner of a combination bar, café and store. A Viet Nam vet MOM: Mother of Hank, Wesley, Michelle. Always lived in Swanville. In her 60’s WESLEY: Hank’s older brother, about 40 MARY ROSE: Wesley’s wife, about 40 MICHELLE: Hank’s younger sister, 20’s HEATHER: Michelle’s friend and the mother of an infant son
Janet Preus, with songs by Janet Preus and Bryan Cumming