Great White

Fourteen-year-old Brooke is in trouble. Her sixteen-year-old sister, Ivy, is manic and increasingly violent, and their mother, Gail, refuses to acknowledge the danger. As Brooke struggles to hold her family together, she copes by tracking a great white shark. This leads her to Luis, a troubled fifteen-year-old boy intent on swimming out to meet the shark in the ocean. As their friendship deepens, Brooke becomes increasingly aware of the shark drawing closer in her own life: that her sister, in a manic fit, might kill her. Set in present-day southern Florida, between coastal floods, Great White is a coming-of-age drama that explores unremitting love for family, and the consequences of inaction.

Brooke, 14. Gifted, mildly obsessive. Ivy, 16. Brooke’s sister. Bipolar. At times, dangerous. A force. Gail, 38. Brooke and Ivy’s mother. Somewhere stuck on the edge of confronting reality and being in denial. Luis, 15. A kind of strange, but brilliant boy.