FANG is a dystopian, satire set in the near future. The global North and global South have made alliances, and the Southern Alliance’s Prime Minister Zi Sanger has been using her power to finally create equality between the sexes. But local militant groups and the Northern Alliance disapprove of this so-called equality. (Equality dependent upon an out-patient procedure known as the Second Set Initiative which “corrects a biological deficiency” in women and girls.) However, it is not until the Prime Minister’s half sister, Paola, from the Northern Alliance, infiltrates her underground bunker in an attempt to make peace that Zi Sanger’s empire may soon fall. Zi’s secrets are revealed as Paola considers the price of the S.A.’s new found livelihood. To Paola’s surprise her own daughter, Abdalla, has joined Aunty Zi’s national army. She has had her “biological deficiency” corrected with Zi’s Second Set Initiative, and she confronts her mother about her country’s politics and their own distant relationship. Meanwhile, war still looms between the Northern and Southern Alliances as Paola and Zi Sanger come face to face to hash out past and present.

3W, 1M