Every Livin' Soul

In the darkest days of the Depression, a stranger finds refuge in an Ohio farmhouse.  He begs a meal from Hannah, the widowed owner, and the two form a kinship. For Hannah, this handsome young man might be the harbinger of a brighter future.  As her husband used to say, “There’s a little bit of good in every livin’ soul.” But when the stranger’s perilous secret is revealed, Hannah finds herself in a struggle for her family’s very existence.  

Inspired by actual events, Every Livin’ Soul celebrates the resilience of hope in the face of desperation and heartbreak.

Hannah Winship Grey Mid 40s. A widowed farmwoman. Generous to a fault and a bit of a dreamer, Hannah longs for a more prosperous future that doesn’t include farm labor/ Herk Winship 40. Hannah’s younger brother. Herk is a farmhand with a taste for adventure and melodrama./ Dot Winship Mid-late 30s. Herk’s wife. Heartbreak and bitter disappointment have intensified her religious fervor./ Choc 30. A drifter, looking for a new start, haunted by his past.
William Cameron