Attempting to avoid the draft and the inevitable tour of duty in Viet Nam, a reluctant, newly appointed teacher, struggles to keep his first classroom assignment as he grapples with his disruptive group of “special needs” students under the watchful eye of the administration.

ANGEL VEGA: Special Education Student. Intelligent. Educationally challenged and capable of being extremely volatile. Latino. Age 15. ROSETTA GREEN: Special Education Student. Learning Disabled, hyperactive, gregarious with a sense of fair play. African-American. Age 15. JOHN LUCCi: Special Education teacher. New to the teaching profession. He is animated with a sense of humor. Caucasian. Age 22. MRS. FRITZ: The school Guidance Counselor. A seasoned educator who maintains the status quo. Caucasian. Age: 50s. MR. GOLUB: The school principal. Conservative. He runs his school effectively and is proud of its top-ranking in the district. Caucasian. Age: 40s. BRIAN MCBRIDE: Special Education Student. Slow-learner Heavy-set, docile, fearful and spoiled. Caucasian. Age 15. WILLIAM WONG: Special Education Student. High functioning, artistic, verbal. He has Autistic qualities. On occasion, he blurts out. Chinese-American. Age 15.
Sam Affoumado