"Droner" is a microplay that is also an experiment in -- let's call it -- theatrical robotics.  That is, this play's two figures can be visually played by drones (or some other sort of robot or puppet or mechanical prop or kite-like thing) while being vocally played by two players, who can take advantage of the range of effects in current sound processing software to modulate their voices to match the -- no pre-set/clearly identifiable gender, age, etc. -- of the drone character-contraptions.  The drone pilots/prop operators, like the voicing players can be onstage...or not.  The visual, inanimate drones/prop actuators -- darting, feinting, attacking, retreating, etc. -- allusively mime the voiced dialogue.  This play's two agonists -- indicated in the script as AY and AX -- are roles made to be -- in all characteristics and particulars (except the words they say) -- devised collaboratively by the robotics-theater artist-engineers who stage and play them.  In college and university performing arts programs in particular, there  might be an interest in theater-making collaboration with robotics engineering colleagues.

Will Owen