A community of truckers in a small town in Iowa are forced to shift gears when they lose their jobs to self-driving vehicles. When Gloria becomes the only trucker in town still employed, resentments begin to surface. Tensions escalate as they grapple with a mystery: Haygen, a driver with close ties to all of them, has disappeared. Set in a future not far down the road, DRIVE explores our collective fears surrounding the next stage of automation and what happens when individuals in a country where we’re so defined by our work are forced to reevaluate what drives them.

Ainsley, 15, Biracial. Gloria and Arthur’s daughter. Full of boldness, reserve, and curiosity. Jo, 36, Female. The local bartender/manager of the Drive Bar. Kind, driven. Gloria, 38, African American. Female. One of the world’s last truck drivers, on the road to realizing her full power. Arthur, 43, Her husband. A former truck driver, working to regain his ground. Arlene, 55. Female. A former truck driver. Cliff, 55, White. Arlene’s husband, a former truck driver.