DRIFTWOOD- A Full-Length Play





Daniel Wood, a moderately successful photographer living in New York City, is forced to face the painful memories of his broken childhood when he returns to his Midwest childhood home at the request of his dying father…whom he never loved. After decades of relentless anger and largely unexpressed contempt, Daniel may finally find the courage to ask the questions that have plagued him since his boyhood. His father may finally be able to do something to help his son. They both may be able to mend some of the fences that were all but destroyed decades before. But the clock is running out… 




RECOMMENDED CASTING REQUIREMENTS CASTING NOTE: There are 17 roles in the play. (5F/12M) The director can choose to utilize 17 actors or reduce the cast by combining multiple roles under each actor. Using the chart below, as few as 8 actors (3F/5M) could be used. ACTOR #1: (MALE/AGE 35-40) DANIEL AT 38: A 1990’s moderately successful photographer. ACTOR #2: (MALE/AGE 60-70) JOSEPH AT 68: A 1990’s husband/dad near death from cancer. POLICEMAN ONE: A 1920’S small-town policeman. CLARK: A 1960’S small-town bartender. ACTOR #3: (FEMALE/AGE 60-70) GLORIA AT 68: A 1990’s wife/mother with early Alzheimer’s. ACTOR #4:(FEMALE/AGE 18-25) MARIE: A 1920’S young, drunk, downtrodden hooker. GLORIA AT 18: A 1940’s small-town waitress coffee shop. ACTOR #5: (MALE/AGE 18-25) POLICEMAN 2: A 1920’S small-town policeman. JOSEPH AT 18: A 1940’s Army recruit headed for Europe. DANIEL AT 18: A 1970’s angry teenager. ACTOR #6: (FEMALE/AGE 35-40) GLORIA AT 38: A 1960’s housewife and mother of Daniel. WELFARE AGENT: A 1920’S small-town welfare agent. ACTOR #7: (MALE/AGE 35-40) JOSEPH AT 38: A 1960’s factory worker and dad of Daniel. JIMBO: Age 50’s A drunken stranger behind a scrim. NEIGHBOR GUY An off-stage voice PULITZER PRESENTER: A speaker at the awards ceremony. ACTOR #8: (MALE/AGE 8-10)(Can be played by an adult) DANIEL AT 8: A 1960’s Midwest kid on his 8th birthday.
Donald Loftus