In the midst of the final dress rehearsal for her new play, director/playwright Dana is devastated when her fiancée Cliff, incensed and embarrassed that the character based on him comes off as a hapless buffoon, storms out. Distraught, Dana turns to Alice and Beck, her two actors, for comfort but they have issues of their own. Trapped in a loveless marriage with an older man, Alice has stumbled into a secret affair with Beck, her leading man. After some soul searching by all involved, Cliff stumbles back in with yet another crisis that brings everything to a head.

Published by Norman Maine Plays

ALICE, 30's -- an actress / BECK, 30'S -- an actor / CLIFF, late 20's -- an accountant, engaged to Dana / DANA, late 20's -- playwright/director, engaged to Cliff / ERIC, early 20's -- stage manager, albeit a confused one
William Cameron