Don't Bother

Who are we writing for, and when do we get to decide that? Sam is a creative-writing student at a prestigious university, until he writes something he shouldn't. When he's called before the Academic Board to defend what he wrote, he struggles to understand what he did wrong, and how he can make it better. To make matters worse, Aaliyah comes into his life unexpectedly, and their relationship is challenged in ways they didn't expect. Exploring race, intentions, and Matthew Salesses' "Craft in the Real World", Don't Bother is about who gets to make what Art, and who's listening along the way.

PROF. ROBERTA GOODE, mid-40’s, BIPOC female-identifying, a creative-writing professor SAM, early-twenties, white male-identifying AALIYAH, early-twenties, Black female-identifying
Jake Alexander