Do You Ever Think about How We Grew Up In Hell? or, A Painfully True Expose on the Life and Times of Becky Most, Reality-TV Star and Heiress

*Real-Housewives entrance music plays* "I may not be a real heiress, but my kids will inherit my world". Four children return home for a prime-time interview on the ten-year anniversary of their mother's death, Becky Most, Reality-TV star of "Making the Most of It". Becky lived the largest life in NYC, but at what cost? As her children recall their mother's life and their experiences in the limelight, past traumas and dramatic relationships come to the forefront. As the memories roll with the cameras, the four kids are forced to reconcile with how real their mother actually was, and how to move forward from a childhood that was produced, edited, and promoted for an audience.

KYLIE, mid-forties, the eldest, female-identifying, her mother’s-daughter from her first marriage, never spent much time on camera, the only “official” Most-child, a work-a-holic, which clearly is used to cover up some trauma from her past JAMES, mid-thirties, second-oldest, male-identifying, leaned heavily into life on a reality series, but paid a price for it, struggled with drug-addiction, no real career to speak of TRINITY, mid-thirties, second-youngest, female-identifying, spent most of her life in the spotlight, a former actress and model, now a successful fashion designer in London. She might have a slight british accent, perhaps a put-on RENEE, early twenties, youngest, a peace-keeper, her mother died when she was young, wants to be a home-maker and housewife.
Jake Alexander