Dirty Dirty

What's the worst birthday a person can experience? Five friends go away for Sam's 30th, and what starts as a normal weekend trip, becomes a question of mortality and the choices we get to make. When Sam tells his friends he's terminal, and asks one of them to make the killing blow, everyone is forced to reconcile with how much they mean to one another, and whether we get to choose how we exit this life. Exploring suicide, love, and Hygge, Dirty Dirty is about the dirty thirty.

SAMUEL, the birthday boy, turning 30, absolutely at peace SCARLETT, his girlfriend since college, did the most to plan this trip, sexy and self-sufficient TODD, his best friend, has often relied on SAMUEL, perhaps too much DENISE, a pity invite, works with SCARLETT HENRY, friends with SCARLETT and SAMUEL, although can get along with anyone ALBERTO, younger, has nothing to lose, HENRY’s boyfriend The HOST, the owner and maintenance worker of the AirBNB
Jake Alexander