Dartmoor Prison

Carlyle Brown's riveting new play takes us to Britain's most notorious holding pen for prisoners of war and domestic criminals during the War of 1812. There we meet "King Dick," an African American sailor whose life at sea has provided him with remarkable personal freedom at a time when millions of enslaved Africans are still held in bondage. Captured by the British, King Dick becomes the absolute ruler of a segregated prison yard. But when a group of American prisoners from a nearby white yard ask him to join forces with them to celebrate the 4th of July—an event forbidden by their British captors—King Dick must confront the broader meaning of freedom and patriotism, and whether he and his fellow black sailors can find a home somewhere beyond the sea.

King Dick, The Governor, Jack Dawson, Deacon Simon, Jeremy Stiles, Johnny Wayward, Billy Bunting, Morgan, Captain Shortland, Mister Beasley, A British Guard, Soldier 1 and Soldier 2
Carlyle Brown

Dartmoor Prison - In Performance