Charles Darwin, Her True Story

It's January 1, 2001 in southern Chile. A wealthy sponsor of Latin American revolutions appears shipwrecked on a shrinking patch of thin ice along with a ghost, a gun, a knife and a secret admirer.

Memories of sketchy relations with Frida Kahlo, Fidel Castro, and others guide the castaways to an escape route, yet the ghost helps only one to survive.

The play shows how survival skills can ultimately backfire if overused, and can delude one’s sense of self – values, beliefs, bonds, truths, and loves.

Charles Darwin, Her True Story was one of four plays selected via a national search by North Star for their 2020 New Plays Workshop Intensive, the Playwrights Center for their first Open Play Showcase actors’ reading, and by the Dramatists Guild for their Footlights actors’ reading series. 

Charles: Overachieving, impulsive, controlling, obsessive and vengeful Latina (f/29-80). Salvador: Loving, honest, devoted, moral and just Latino (m/43-65). Mara*: Ghost of Charles’ wise sister (f/18). Pablo: Loving, sage, Chilean poet/politician (m/45). Frida: Honest, sharp, dying Mexican artist (f/47). Fidel: Devoted, astute, Cuban Prime Minister (m/36). Nora: Moral, alert, Nicaraguan fighter (f/28). Marcos: Just, mindful, Mexican battle commander (m/41). Soldier*: Mexican army soldier. Voice-Over: Radio voices of a ship’s captain and US President Kennedy. Double Plans: Two Actors - Salvador as Pablo, Frida, Fidel, Nora, Marcos, Soldier and Voice-Over. Three Actors - Salvador as Pablo, Fidel, and Marcos. Mara as Frida, Nora, Soldier and Voice-Over. *Mara and/or Soldier can be cast or imagined; both are nonspeaking. All characters are Latinx.
J. Lynn Jackson