In a farmyard that seems to have much in common with La Belle Époque Paris, there resides a collection of animals who seem to have much in common with the denizens of Parisian society. The busy hens lead the social pecking order, but it is the noble rooster Chantecler who rules the roost. Each morning his glorious song fills their world and inspires the sun to rise, a fact of which he is most certain. While he is the hero of the fashionably dressed residents who seem to spend the bulk of their day in cafes and soirees, he is despised by the creatures who live by the night, a criminal underworld of the farm led by a homicidal cat. The treacherous cat believes the demise of the rooster will also be the end of daylight, thus allowing her and her cohorts to thrive in a world of darkness. Against this backdrop of day and night a female pheasant arrives from the countryside and scandalizes all society with her decision to defy the constructs of gender and take on the bold and colorful plumage of the male of her species. She will enchant the bold Chantecler, and through their romance she will change him and his perception of the world forever. As in Rostand's most-famous work, Cyrano de Bergerac, the tale is spun through swashbuckling swordplay, poetry, bravado and music.

10 F/ 8 M Can be expanded for a larger ensemble.
Based on the play by Rostand. Book and Lyrics by Brian Vinero, Music by Steven Kennedy.