SYNOPSIS: Mr. Johnson is dying. Therapists from the Care for the Dying Society tend him at his apartment. His daughter, Joan, arrives for a final visit before he passes at the moment in which the care-giving shift is changing. Mr. Johnson suffers from Aspberger’s syndrome, a disease that has made him painfully anxious and angry about life. But, according to Mrs. Johnson, as he is approaching death, he has become “different.” Joan hopes against hope for even the smallest crumb of intimacy from this cold, distant, angry man. Has he changed?

MRS. JOHNSON – An older woman. JOAN – The Johnson daughter. SHANEEQUA – African-American nursing care worker. BERNICE– Heavily tattooed massage therapist. MR. JOHNSON – An older man who is dying. He suffers from Aspberger’s syndromn.
Jean W. Yeager