Cease to Exist

Patricia Krenwinkel, convicted for her role in the 1969 Tate and LaBianca murders, has now served 38 years of a life sentence and is up for parole.  As she attempts to convince the parole board of her suitability for release, Krenwinkel is inevitably drawn back into the events of her troubled past—her childhood, her first meeting with Charles Manson, her life with the 'Family'" and, ultimately, her participation in the infamous murders.   Cease to Exist takes us inside the tormented mind of Patricia Krenwinkel as she recounts her crimes and, ultimately, comes face to face with the sister of her most famous victim.  

Characters Patricia Krenwinkel, 62 — a prisoner at the California Institution for Women in Corona, California Charles Manson, 30's — the infamous cult leader Katie, early 20's — Patricia's younger self Steven Hernandez — presiding commissioner of the parole board Debra Tate, 50's — sister to Sharon Tate, Tate family spokesman at the parole hearing Tex Watson, early 20's — Manson family member Various others — 'Family' members, parole board members, murder victims Casting Cease to Exist is written for a cast of 4 women and 3 men. Females 1. Patricia Krenwinkel 2. Katie 3. Woman 1 — plays Debra Tate, various others as specified in the script 4. Woman 2 — plays Mother, various others as specified in the script Males 1. Charles Manson 2. Man 1 — plays Steven Hernandez, various others as specified in the script 3. Man 2 — plays Tex Watson, Father, various others as specified in the script
William Cameron