Can I See Your Face?

Jeff is a Midwestern Jewish liberal who manages a Walgreens. Kirk is a right-wing Evangelical Christian who owns one of America’s largest companies. By day, they lead humdrum lives just like the rest of us, but, at night, these two closeted men rendezvous in an Internet chat room and project their fantasies onto each other. When their love gets all-consuming and all too real, these guys must strip themselves of their digital fictions and make a decision: remain in the closet, or finally live their truth.

JEFF SILVERBERG: Thirty. Caucasian. KIRK KLAUSON: Forty-seven, later forty-eight. Caucasian. SCOTT KUHN: Thirty. African-American. Jeff’s best friend since forever. CANDIE LYNN KLAUSON: Forty-five. Caucasian. Kirk’s wife of twenty-five years. DEANNA D’AMATO: Thirty-six. Any ethnicity. A cashier at the Walgreens Jeff manages. BRODY THOMAS: Twenty. African-American. A native of Kirk’s hometown. MEREDITH SILVERBERG: Thirty. Any ethnicity. Jeff’s soon-to-be-ex-wife (whom he imagines he sees in the face of a Flight Attendant).
Aaron Ricciardi (playwright)